Why does your book need a Press Release to announce it?

Because if few know, how can many buy?

Enhanced Press Release

A digital press release is the best way to get your book exposure.


Featuring headline, book cover and all salient information, it can announce a release, a new edition, awards or special events like book signings.


Distributed online and to local media, it is an essential tool to build awareness.



PRWeb Distribution

Go for maximum exposure by adding on PRWeb distribution for your release. PRWeb is the largest online ‘wire’ service, with a subscriber base of over 300K


Releases not only stay on PRWeb’s site, but typically are picked up by 100+ additional website, giving you hundreds of thousands of views.



   Video Press Release

Includes everything the Enhanced PR offers and adds:


A professionally produced video trailer embedded in your PR.


Video is recorded by professional voice-over artists.


Distribution to YouTube.


Announcement via Twitter and Facebook.


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