Ever pull into an empty restaurant parking lot and have second thoughts?
The lot is packed at the place next door – maybe it’s better…

Having reviews for your book is like having a full parking lot.

     Amazon Reviews

Via our unique outreach, we create a list of 40+ reviewers for your specific book by finding readers who have positively reviewed books in your genre.  We then contact each personally and pitch them your work. 

All good reviews help, but a review from one of Amazon’s top ranked is an endorsement that is extremely persuasive with buyers.


Phi Beta Kappa Reviews

Sometimes you just need that one great review.


PBK reviewers are a group of educators we work with who deliver highly literate and comprehensive reviews. If your material doesn’t meet their criteria, and they feel they cannot offer a positive critique, the fee is refunded, thereby guaranteeing that the review will be unbiased.  



     Blogger Outreach

We will research and contact a list of reviewers based on your subject matter.


A personalized pitch and your press release will be sent to them.


Copies sent out per request rather than unsolicited have a much higher likelihood of yielding results.


  Video Book Reviews

Video book reviews are the newest trend in marketing. 


An on camera reviewer discusses your book. 


Graphics, including excerpts from a video should you have one, can be included.


Reach the hundreds of millions of people that love video and books with a Video Book Review.


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