Our creative team of marketing experts is here to provide you with an array of customized author services. 

At Author Marketing Services we do just what our name says.  

That’s why we chose it. We believe in clarity and simplicity. 


We offer a curated selection of marketing services to authors of all kinds, with books of all sorts, published by traditional houses or by themselves. Our services are a la carte because not everyone has the same needs or budget. You can order individually or have us work up an overall, customized marketing plan.


We have over a decade of experience and our team is comprised not only of marketing experts but writers as well – screenwriters, novelists, playwrights and poets ready to lend their talents to help promote your work.


So contact us. 

Give us a link to your book online and let us take a look. We’ll give you our feedback on where we see your marketing strengths and weaknesses.  


AMS – at your service.

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